Short Story Roundup, 1.10.18

Short Story Roundup

Short Story Roundup is a feature where I gather the best short stories I’ve read this week and share them with you every Wednesday. The stories might have been published yesterday or 100 years ago, but as long as I’ve read and loved them in a given week, you’ll find them here.

A Few Nondescript Adventures of Some Consequence” by Maya Jewell Zeller

  • genre: beats me–but the closest fit is probably magical realism.
  • publication: Booth
  • date: November 3, 2017
  • why I loved it: This story is off the wall and I’m still not sure I understand it, but Zeller’s wordplay grabbed me on an intuitive and deeply enjoyable level regardless. “Office Girl” and “University Hero” embark on a kooky love affair that concludes in a surprisingly affecting manner.

Ghost Boyfriend” by Larissa Pham

  • genre: a blend of magical realism, realistic fiction, and allegory.
  • publication: Triangle House Review
  • date: late 2017 (in Triangle House Review’s inaugural issue)
  • why I loved it: A friend’s dead boyfriend rises from the grave, inserting major drama into the lives of a trio of artists. It’s a big concept, but Pham’s attention to small sensory details–whether it’s the way a penis looks in boxers, the taste of stale beer, or the soft green of pine needles–is what truly elevates this story.

What short fiction have you read and enjoyed lately? For the writers out there: Has any of your work appeared online or in print this week? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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