10 things moving will make you realize about your books (a story in 10 gifs)

celebration close up decoration design
Image description: A red heart ornament tied to packing paper and string. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

1. You’re never going to read that one. Really. Let it go.

Queen Elsa Frozen Gif 1
image description: Elsa from Frozen singing “Let It Go.”

2. You’re never going to re-read this one. It’s dead weight. Let it goooo.

Queen Elsa Frozen Gif
image description: Elsa from Frozen, still singing the catchiest song in the world.

3. You’re never going to re-read this one either…but you loved it so much the first time that it’s unimaginably precious anyway. Into the box it goes.

Gollum Gif
image description: Gollum hissing about his precious.

4. Hardcovers are so heavy. Stop buying hardcovers.

Mr. Potato Head Gif
image description: Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story’s arms fall off as he struggles to lift Tinker Toy dumbbell.

5. But this hardcover is so pretty…

Beauty and the Beast Gif
image description: Belle from Beauty and the Beast hugs a book

6. You forgot you had this one. You remember reading it. You remember that salsa stain and each individual dog-ear. It’s like running into somebody you used to know, the person who makes you realize now just how much you’ve changed. Usually for the better, but maybe a little bit for the worse? You lie on the floor and think about life and death and stuff for awhile.

Scott Pilgrim Gif
image description: Scott Pilgrim tells Ramona Flowers that he’s going to leave her alone forever now.

7. You forgot you had this one, too. You’ve never read it. It was a gift from someone close, someone who’s gone now, someone who shared your love of reading. You love it, but you know you’re never going to read it. You gently place it in the get-rid-of box, trusting that your memory of that kind and thoughtful gift is enough.

Coco Gif.gif
image description: Miguel from Coco plays “Remember Me” on the guitar in a room full of lit candles.

8. Or you keep it, even though you’ll never read it. After all, you’ve packed up far less worthy mementos today.

Peggy Mad Men Gif
Image description: Peggy from Mad Men walks down an office hallway carrying a heavy box and looking badass.

9. The dust and wear on all of these is gnarly. Jesus. You should take better care of your books.

Cat on Bookshelf
image description: A cat climbs on the top shelf of a bookshelf, pulling a bunch of books to the floor before falling off.

But seriously–you’re never going to take better care of your books. It’s okay! They’ll probably outlive you anyway. (And you find that thought strangely comforting.)

Belle Opening Scene Gif
image description: Belle from Beauty and the Beast swings from a bookshelf ladder in the opening scene of the movie.

5 thoughts on “10 things moving will make you realize about your books (a story in 10 gifs)”

    1. Oh yes. When I first looked at all my books before this move I thought surely I’d be able to get rid of at least half since I’d bought a lot of the books at Goodwill and other thrift stores so I wasn’t as attached to them. My tastes have also changed a lot recently and I thought that would make it even easier. No way. I think I purged more like a tenth? It’s funny what a strong hold books can have over you!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love this post! I think all book lovers can relate. 🙂 I keep some books (okay, lots of books) because of the emotions or memories I associate with them, not necessarily because I’ll ever read them again. But I suspect that when or if I ever move again, lots of them will have to go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly it. They end up being really strong talismans. It could be that they remind you of a nice memory or person in your life, or they remind you of dreams you had or have, or what kind of person you were or want to be. Whatever it is, it feels so complicated to get rid of them! I’m already a nostalgic pack rat, and books dial that tendency up to 11.


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