What are your favorite books of 2019?

No book review today because my chronic pain continues to be a real bastard, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to grow my TBR list, which is surprisingly short right now. I’m just not sure what to read next–I’d love to find a book that will really grab me.

To that end, what books did you read in 2019 that were worth dropping everything for? What should I order from the bookstore or request from the library post-haste? Go ahead and drop the titles in the comments, all genres welcome!

I’ll be back with a new review on Thursday. Happy reading, friends!

4 thoughts on “What are your favorite books of 2019?”

  1. Oh, and please don’t restrict yourself to just 2019 releases. I’m interested in anything that you read and loved this year, no matter when it was published!


    1. Both of those have been hovering around the edge of my reading consciousness this year, so I’m so glad to hear you liked them. The main reason I haven’t read Outlander is because it’s such a long series but that just means I’ll have to set aside some extra time to read!


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