State of the Blog, 2020

You may have noticed that this blog has gone dormant. But it’s not dead! I promise.

At the time of my last post (all the way back in December), I’d already been meaning to re-evaluate my approach to book blogging for awhile. I’d noticed that I’d begun to churn through books in search of “content” rather than actually reading for pleasure, and it was doing both the books and me a big disservice.

I especially wanted to take a step back from my previous philosophy of reviewing everything under the sun. Reading and writing are contextual, and trying to write coherently about such a wide variety of genres and topics was driving me nuts. My goal for this blog is to create thoughtful content and community for and with other readers. Instead, it felt like I was constantly spouting off uneducated, seat-of-my-pants opinions. It was a crummy feeling.

In particular, in seeking to highlight work by indigenous authors and authors of color, I noticed that I’d begun to take up more and more unearned space, treating myself as an authority over stories I don’t have any authority over at all. As far as I know, I haven’t made any egregious missteps. But as long as I continued blogging in the same style and format, it felt like a matter of time before I’d fumble and do real, racist harm, regardless of my intent.

Lastly, I wanted to make more space for myself as a writer and not just a reader. It’s not a secret that I’d like to write novels of my own someday, and I felt like that part of me was missing from this blog.

In short, it was time for a long break while I figured some stuff out.

I’m still tooling around with what this blog is going to look like going forward. There will definitely be book reviews, just written more selectively. I plan to continue to center books by marginalized authors, but to do it in a more intentional and appropriate way. I also plan to add more essays, photos, and personal content, though the blog will remain book-focused. Other than that? Who knows!

That’s forward, and this is right now. Right now, this blog is still on hiatus while I finish catching my breath and dealing with the s***-show that is this year. If you’re so inclined, please follow my Twitter, where I’m much more active: @maggietiede.

I hope you’re all as safe and sound as you can be in this topsy-turvy, deeply horrible time. I wish you silver linings and good books.