Below is a selection of my publication credits in a variety of formats and genres.

From 2013-2014, I worked as a reporter and columnist at the Grand Rapids Herald-Review. Much of my work is available on their website, here.

Blog Posts

2017: “Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area Leads on Progressive Bike Policy,” at Mother Earth News: Green Transportation

2017: “3 Green Transportation Options for City Living,” at Mother Earth News: Green Transportation

2013: “Popping Pills: Mental Illness Medications in YA and Why They Matter,” at Disability in Kidlit

Short Fiction

2017: “Attention,” at Cat on a Leash Review.

2013: “Fairytale in a Supermarket,” at decomP magazinE.*

Book Reviews

2013: Review of História, História by Eleanor Stanford, at apt.*

2013: Review of What You Are Now Enjoying by Sarah Gerkensmeyer, at Necessary Fiction.*

* Published under the name Maggie Desmond-O’Brien.