Review Policy

Hello, publicists, publishers, and authors! Thank you for considering me to review your books. Here’s a little more about me, my tastes, and my review process that you should know before shooting me an email. Newly updated, 12/2019.

What I’m Interested In

I’m most interested in reviewing books and doing exclusive author interviews. I’m open to doing giveaways. (I’m not currently interested in other types of content, like guest posts and cover reveals.)

Here are the genres I currently read and review (check out my review archive for an even better idea of what I like):

  • Literary (contemporary) novels and short story collections from small presses and major publishing houses
  • Literary essays and memoir from small presses and major publishing houses
  • Science fiction and fantasy from small presses and major publishing houses
  • Historical fiction from small presses and major publishing houses
  • YA novels for older readers (preferably for the 15+ age group), especially ones with social justice and LGBTQIA+ components, from small presses and major publishing houses
  • LGBTQIA+ romance from all publishers, including indie authors

What I’m Not Interested In

I’m not interested in doing blog content that’s not book reviews, giveaways, or exclusive author interviews, so please don’t solicit me for cover reveals, and similar types of posts.

I’m not interested in receiving review copies for books in any genre that I haven’t listed above. That especially includes how-to books and nonfiction that isn’t “creative” or literary in focus.

I’m not interested in working with indie authors who are not in the LGBTQIA+ romance niche at this time.

Acceptable Formats

I review books in print and Kindle e-book formats only. (I do not review audiobooks.)

How to Contact Me

My email address is maggietiede (AT) gmail (DOT) com, or you can use the contact form on this website. That’s the best way to get a hold of me.

If I haven’t responded to your email in a month or so, feel free to email again.

If I decline your book for review, please don’t email me about that specific title again, but do feel free to contact me about future books.

Other Things to Know

Please know that right now, I’m effectively not accepting ARCs due to my ongoing health problems. I know that ARCs represent a significant investment for publishers and I don’t want to take on books that I know I likely won’t be able to review in a timely manner.

I am still accepting review requests; I’m just being very, very picky about them, which I hope will change soon.

Reviews are my honest opinions, which means that sometimes I write negative ones. If you can’t tolerate a negative review, then please don’t send me an ARC. I read and review in good faith–I never hate-read, and I only accept books I’m genuinely interested in–so please act in good faith with me as well.

Thank you!